8 Ball and MJG Ten Toes Down: Album Review

Two Thumbs Up!!!……for now at least..

8 Ball and MJG finally giving us another album, bout damn time! They one of those group that doesn’t get much spotlight but heavily respected, so does does album deliver in the word of Trey Songz, “Yuuuuppp!” well.. for a moment. It’s a club banging records, so already it’s a hit to half of you but others want to know the if the content it produce good and is it worth it well, that’s what a review is all about, so let me drop down the facts.

First of all, if you never heard a 8 ball and MJG record they do what they do best on this album and deliver good music. Off the back the first tracks “It’s going down” and no not with Young Joc had me bouncing everywhere and get you prepared for the album. “I Don’t Give A Fuck” feat. Bun B stoopid! Bun B kills like always and the David Banner beats the icing on the cake. My favorite track is “What They Do” Feat. T.I a more rider track and T.I.P dose his thing and the song explains what they do in the streets that is. “Life Goes On” Feat. Slim Thug, that track I wasn’t expecting with some substance on all club banging album, I can’t hate on that and Trina this how you do it, just saying.

The downfall of the album is track “Fuck U Mean” feat. Souja Boy, sorry any track with this dude automatic trash in my books and my second grip is that it’s just a club banging album, no one 7 o’clock in the morning wanna hear all this damn bass in their ear, they could added a little more laid back tracks to even it out, I feel they using the club as a strong selling point which will help their sells but the album won’t last long because club bangers don’t last. They get played out and so does the artist, speaking of which, has anyone seen Lil Jon, ouch! That one hurt me for you, I’m sorry man.

So is the album hot, yes, but will it be remembered by fall, no. I will just keeping it one hundred. It’s what the mainstream rap fans want, but this music doesn’t last long becuase it not a good foundation to start with from jump. Club bangers stay on till they are played out and that’s what this album is, great now but in a month, I see everyone who bought it throwing it into the back of their CD stash.

Overall 2.9 out of 5- Solid Album

Recommended Tracks: Grinding, Life Goes On, Spotlight, What They Do, We Come From


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