There’s a reason we are blessed with only one mother

The essence of creating life is already special in its own manner. Now is the day we can finally give back. Today is Mothers day; the only day within the year whereas materialistic items mean nothing. Today is a day for love and embracing your commitment if you are with a spouse. So leave yesterday’s drama in the past and make amends. She is king of the castle today; no one on the planet shall ruin her mood. Fortunately I’ve been blessed with a good Mother so I went along to write this little piece:

“Sisters and brothers come by the second, but a mother last’s a lifetime. Today is the day that we express how lucky we are to be blessed with the love and passion we’ve received since birth. You’ve been there to breast feed, you’ve been there at graduations, and most importantly you’ve been there when no one else was. There’s no woman on this earth that can remove you from the pedestal. So when the casket is closed and life is a mere memory; I pray God let’s me be with your soul eternally.”

I love every single one of our women of the world. Happy mothers day, I wish you many more.


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