Bone Uni5 The World’s Enemy: Album Review

Bone Conscious N Harmony…..

Remember ‘Thugish Ruggish Bone” and “First of the month” wake up! wake up! wake up! you ain’t gone get that on this.  For one they old and they more conscious music now than gangster music and it works. Bone legendary rap group with a swaggerrific rap style which they still can produce and I’m glad to see Bizzy Bone and Flesh N Bone back with the group.

Okay on to the album, starts of good then, you get lost, then you get lost on a couple of tracks then it picks back up and then your lost at the end. By Lost I’m mean I don’t now what the fuck they was talking about. Ex “Only God can judge me” is a song when it seem each emcee on the track judging his own funeral or his life as if their dead, it’s some Twilight Zone shit kinda creeps me out. “Rebirth” is a hot song, but I get lost becuase they saying “Everybody wanna rap like rap like, Bone, ” Really, how many rappers rap fast now period, for real these dudes too damn lazy for that shit.

They have some dope tracks that make the album worth the listen “See Me Shine” address the haters, “Everytime” another track addressing the haters and “Universe” my favorite track they highlight each other and showing love for one another like big brother but your brothers on the track with you.

In the end my biggest problem for Bone on the album, is they act like their still relevant, now I’ m not saying they not but they act like they got the “OutKast buzz” on this album as if the the biggest thing in hip hop but really what mainstream fan under 21 checking for Bone? The album is okay, if your a fan of Bone like a big fan then, you ain’t gone like it lol, I kidd, you will and conscious rap fans should like it as well, has a very positive vibe on the album,  forget they was once thuggish ruggish. It’s not the classic est 1999 but they adults now so you get what you pay for.

Overall- 2.7 out of 5- Solid Album

Recommended Track: Rebirth, Universe, See Me Shine, Everywhere


One thought on “Bone Uni5 The World’s Enemy: Album Review

  1. I have to say, that if you are a real fan of Bone, you will respect this album, NOT LIKE IT. I am a hard core Bone Fan, and this album shocases none of the music that made me such. Respect to growing up, becoming men, and being open minded. I have a family now and I am no longer the teen Bone head that I was. I grew with them. But, you must keep it real with your core. If you aint a thug no more, change your name. Look at Scarface. Ice Cube. These are people who arer known for bringing what they bring. And they still bring it to this day. This album is missing the Thug element. The beats are commercial, not hard, not real. The concepts are too watered down. I love when they make “real” songs, but this is Bone Thugs. They did not show the real Bone Thugs on this album of 14 tracks and 4 skits. I love Bone. And it is my love for them that allows me to be honest and say that this album is incomplete and doesn’t show who Bone is.

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