Trina Amazin’: Album Review

ummmm yeah……..

Let me keep this short and simple album is bad, she got some hot beats but beats don’t mean your CD hot.  To add, Trina just a terrible rapper, she easy on the eyes with that ass, which make it easy to watch a video but, listening to this album was torture. For 1 she raps about the same two things getting money (gold digger style)and quote “Ding a lang”  yes she got a song titled “ding a lang” shit is just awful but the album is.

Not only does she degrade herself saying she a gold diggin’ bitch correction “bad” gold diggin bitch, she got the nerves to have a song called “White Girl” she ain’t white, could you imagine if Ke$ha had a “black girl” song, Al Shapton be outside Record stores protest with the quickness saying not to sell that album, but I digress.

Lil Wayne couldn’t even save this album nor Nikki Minaj and Flo Rida ha he’s the new MC hammer. This is a album for hoes real talk, if you a hoe you gonna love this shit I swear, if you get this and say it’s hot you a hoe, male or female and I’m so not joking. This shit so bad, I wouldn’t let one of my ex-jumpoffs listens to this shit, buyers you been warn, buy at your own risk…

Overall-0.7 out of 5- WACK!!!!!!

I apologize for the language but if  you had to listen to that shit you’d be cussing too.

3 thoughts on “Trina Amazin’: Album Review

  1. As long as they don’t play none of this shit on the radio or on BET i’ll be okay with this. However, a 0.7 just means she wasted her time writing that album anyway.Someone needs to save her career and give her a reality show lol.

  2. obviously it sucks

    album themes

    – trina is a bad bitch
    – trina is rich
    – trina has a fat ass

    thats about it, this shit shouldnt get a free pass to be wack just cos its a female MC

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