Lakers grab win despite turning the ball over 20 times

Phil Jackson deserves another pat on the back from the guy upstairs. Then again they don’t call this guy the zen master for no reason. The Los Angeles Lakers look rejuvenated so far this series; especially on defense. I notice a lot of players stepping up at times they normally wouldn’t to clog the paint and force a pass. However, there’s one area where the Lakers seem to still digress. Turnovers. The Jazz have a knack for scoring the ball on the break; especially with Deron Williams playing facilitator on the offensive end. He’s way too fast for Derek Fisher and when he drives the lane Andrew Bynum back pedals to prevent further knee injury.

If you haven’t noticed, as a result from the series against the Thunder; the Lakers have taken on drawing more fouls as a new approach. Easier said than done because with all this noted, the Jazz became a pain in the ass for the Lakers in the 4th quarter. If I were coach, I’d place the blame on Derek Fisher. we know what he’s capable of in the fourth quarter and he hasn’t been as clutch as he could be in this game. However, with captain Kobe on your side things can never go wrong. Number 24 was determined to not let his team lose; blocking shots on defense, getting back in position coming off the break, dishing out the dimes, and PLAYING ACTUAL DEFENSE. Something our superstar players in the NBA sadly lack. Kobe Bryant literally dismantled this Jazz defense with his free throw shooting……and did I mention Ron Artest stuffed it down one time for the fans. The late push around the 2 min mark was more to hold off the powder blue for another night as the Lakes win 111-103.

The Lakers have now won 16 games straight against the Jazz; regular season and post season included. Keep it up guys. At this rate you’ll be scraping the suns in Phoenix sooner than expected. Heres the box score:

Sidenote: There was a Bacardi Gold commercial that aired during the break and it ended with this line “Bacardi Gold, the official marketing partner of the NBA.” To my knowledge wasn’t the NBA cracking down on Ron Artest some months ago because he admitted he drank liquor during halftime? Yet they go and market with Bacardi? Who are these guys trying to fool; contradiction anyone?

Both teams need to make adjustments for game 3 which should be a good one. Utah has to find a way past the Laker’s size advantage in the paint if they expect to make any type of progress in this series. Play a half-court game. Double the opposition on defense. The Jazz have to run these guys out of the gym on their home court. It is a must. Prepare to say goodbye to Carlos Boozer this offseason if they don’t.

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