Michael Jackson Can He Rest In Peace

One of my followers on Twitter @tsMollyyElliss and she also unfollowed me becuase of my remarks I made at her on Michael Jackson but whatever this ain’t about that she brought to me a video of Michael Jackson alleged lover on “Extra ” and it was dude. The first thing I did was lean into the screen and once I realized what I was doing, I pulled back, and exit the video.

I was doing what all these money hungry people want us to do, feed into their stories and want us craving for more, just for the fact of scandal. He hasn’t been dead for a full year and they still trying to make money of this man. What is really so fascinating about a shy childlike star form Gary, Indiana?

People are so caught up in his lifestyle that they forgot who he is, a Entertainer and a talented one, but hasn’t had a album out since 2001 and still gets harassed now and he is no longer with us. This is why stars like Beyonce are so private but, with that also makes easier assumptions like she is apart of the Illuminati, but thats and older blog and you can check it out here on the site but I digress, Mike made history that may never ever be topped in this lifetime and impacted a lot of musicians lives and fans, so who cares about his personal life. If he gave you a great CD and a heck of a concert that should be your only concern.  If Tiger Woods cheats, it shouldn’t be made into this big story on TMZ, if him winning the masters isn’t gonna be on TMZ.

We so quick as a society to bring another person down to try to lift ourselves or make us feel better but all it dose is make us more shallow than we really are. If Michael Jackson is gay, so, you gonna burn your CDs now, is the homophobics gonna come out and say he’s a Pedophile and this should prove it, what effect does him being gay have on his legacy, what effect does being a pedophile (if he was) has on his Legacy? Absolutely nothing, whether you like it or I do he still is amazing at what he did, as well as Vick, OJ, Kanye, Jon Mayer, Ike Turner and Big Ben all amazing at what they do, slapping a bitch or saying nigger won’t change that factor.

To the exploiters; the Katt Stacks around the world, readjust your life, quit trying to take away someone else shine and bring others down becuase you are, fallback and let them be please and to MJ alleged lover, if you were in love why are you waiting to tell the world after he passes and if it was private you would think being his lover you would have the respect to keep it there, so why say something now even if someone says something, u can always deny, “someone said something, so I have to come out” is some ole bullshit. You sold out your supposed soul mate for some quick cash to add, wouldn’t MJ give you some cash, I mean being his lover and all should keep you pockets right? yeah…..right, I believe you.

They mess with this dude his whole adult life, and he passed away and they still messing with him. The shows are over and the albums are done, can he please rest in peace?

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Can He Rest In Peace

  1. for real on some real shit Jae god bless you with a gift to tell it how it is #deadass I give you so much props for this post and the future posts. Keep your head moon high and fuck what a hater say because thats when you know you doing great

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