Last night’s game proved Lebron James didn’t deserve MVP

David Stern’s MVP presentation to Lebron James sure disappointed Kevin Durant  fans and made Boston Celtics players antsy in the process. There’s no doubt that the talks of Lebron leaving this summer has hindered the Cavaliers from playing a high tempo. Boston took over early running laps around the Cavalier defense at ease. The defending champs flaunted their young legs well tonight; Rasheed Wallace cherished a great amount of playing time before the half. Scoring 13 points, a team high leading to a spark the Celtics needed early on if they wanted to have good position going into the second half with a 52-48 point lead.

On paper both teams looked pretty efficient, but with Rondo dishing out assist like paper plates the Celtics sure went on a roll in the third quarter. Ray Allen managed to out score the whole Cavalier team in the third quarter by himself 17-12. No one had an answer for the flurry of Celtic attacks on the offensive end. The reigning MVP managed to Debut his new crab dribble for 2010 in the process. The Cavs went on to the 4th and managed to make a little push but, the Celtics continued to puch and kick on offense almost defeating the Cavs by 20.

MVP my ass; this game did nothing but prove David Stern is a dick rider. If the Cavs somehow lose this series, Lebitch may be on his way out. David Stern, please don’t corrupt our refs this post season.


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