Mayweather bores once more

In the words of retired NBA Legend Marc Jackson, “Mama always said there would be days like this.”To sum this all up, the fight was pretty much all over with when Chris Brown fucked up the national anthem. I’d seriously rather hear metal detectors at my job go off before I listen to that shit ever again. If theres one thing I could admit about Mr. Mayweather, it would be the fact that he sure knows how to pick his fights. He’s like a philanthropist to marketing the dying sport we recognize as boxing. So lets break it down somewhat for those who didn’t get a chance to waste their life on this. Round one; pretty even on the account that millions of viewers(including me) thought Shane and his bitch schoolyard fighting style is played out. You could have really watched this guy Saturday and believed he was battling Parkinson’s disease. Nonetheless, both boxers landed solid blows through hesitation moves for like two full minutes.

Here’s where the fight broke out, round 2. Shane lands two big blows that did more then just buckle Mayweather. They literally came close to knocking him unconscious, but even a blind man could’ve predicted this ridiculous fight after that. From the next round on, it was hell for Mosley and boredom for people watching at home. If you wasted 56 or 65 dollars for HD on this bullshit……….LOL(Need I really explain)

Boxing needs help very quickly. I highly doubt any die-hard boxing fans will stick around for any more fights like this. Mayweather would’ve gotten better competition fighting his pappy. However, can you knock a man who is wise in business strategy? No, so you simply applaud him. There’s nothing left for Floyd to prove in the ring due to the fact that boxing itself has nothing left to offer as a sport. If his next super showcase doesn’t involve Pacquiao in the other corner, I seriously expect this guy to retire unless he’s trying to beat the GOAT Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0. It makes no sense for me to get all fancy with words ending this blog post. I’d just like to give my special thanks to for allowing me to watch a fight that should have been free from the start.


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