Hip Hop Prospects: Drew Howard

Each month, I try to focus on a up and coming artist trying to get their music out there and get notice. If you want to be featured in the blog cotact me at twitter @KD_The_Dream for future details. Now we head to the North to feature May’s emcee…

Drew Howard is a 17 year old artist out form the great North. He is dedicated to his music and showcases his talent through his great wisdom on each track he produces. Drew is a charismatic, entertaining, and thoughtful rapper. Drew’s mixtape titled “Highschool In Detention” has been released this past April so be sure to check that out.

Drew was born Shakqueel ‘Drew’ Burthwright in Scarborough, Ontario, an area not really known for great behavior. Many outside influences distorted Drew’s true vision which was to; “Produce & Create wonderful music”. With his high level of intelligence and wide ranged vocabulary, I see he has great potential to become a star in the hip hop world.

My personal favorite of Drew is his remix to ‘Party In The USA’  and ‘Mr. B’s Class’ is hand down my favorite, his wordplay and lines in it are what “drew” me into his music. To get more music of Drew Howard go to Hotnewhiphop.com/officialdrewhoward to more info on the up north emcee and support good music!


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