How Hip Hop Got It’s Groove Back

Don’t call it comeback! I was looking through music collection on my I pod today and realize in the past months, Hip Hop been producing hot albums back 2 back. Not only big returns from Cam’ron and Eminem as well as Legendary stars Method Man and Redman with “Blackout 2”, Raekwon Cuban Linx , and Rakim. Thats just to name a few, BP3, Jay-Z was also a hot album, and 50 cent finally gave me the GRODT flavor with “Before I Self Destruct”.

Wale Attention Deficit was the best album to come out last year and a classic in it’s own right. Clipse had a great album as well and Slaughterhouse came in and was taken names, Jadakiss finally gave us another album as well as Ashor Roth made the rookie presents known starting it off and coming behind was Kid Cudi and Wale.

With that said, I bring this up becuase a lot of people (including myself) say hip hop ain’t what it used to or there is no good music out there in the mainstream but I’m here to say that’s lie. It’s more good music out in the forefront today than it was the last three years. You may have to dig a little but it’s there and it’s good. Mos Def “Ecstatic” is a crazy album in a mixtape form and is pure hip hop at it’s best, speaking of mixtape, I haven’t even mention that.

With “So Far Gone” skyrocket pass the rest, I forget it’s not an officially album. Lupe Fiasco “Enemy of The State” showing he can hang with what the media considers the best and Diggy Simmons “Fight Flight” was buzzing on the net like crazy. So to all those who say Hip Hop is dead, well then it’s just resurrected last year and coming back stronger than ever.

With the release of Wale and now B.o.B album “The Adventures of Bobby Ray” proves that the New School is about to come hard. Drake and J.Cole still coming this year with their anticipated albums and are easily the two hottest Emcees in the game and I can’t even leave without mentioning the Vets.

T.I coming with “King Uncaged” as well as Diddy “Last Train To Paris” Nas and Damien Marley, Eminem “Recovery” Common “The Believer”Outkast solo joints coming, Lupe Fiasco “Laser” will be a smash and last but not least the highly anticipated “Good Ass Job” By KanYe West coming this year as well. So hip hop fans have nothing to complain about the good music is here and still more to come.

Hip Hop has quietly has return with epic albums and great music and even videos. There is a lot of substance being brought in music and I’m happy to be a hip hop fan again and ready for what the future brings. Don’t call it comeback, becuase it been here for years………

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