Teens adopt a new trend “The Baby Bump”

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, SELLING DRUGS IS NOW THE TREND OF THE PAST TIME! In case you haven’t been here for a visit, New York has been the most traumatizing place for the past two years. I walk outside on my way to work daily; just to feel as if I’m re-living the movie Juno 365 days of the year. Enticing as this may seem to those looking outside in; teen pregnancy is not the way to go because more than ever it seems females are getting pregnant out of spite. Here are the main reasons most teens are pregnant

  • She’s scared of losing him to another female
  • Shes with a drug dealer that wants her to bear his child( the swindle before he goes to jail)
  • Shes doing out of spite because he looks as if his pockets are deep and gets fly

According to getthefactsny.org, “110 teenage girls will become pregnant every day.” Do the math, there are 365 days in a year, there are maybe 2 or 3 billion people in New York state alone. What does that tell you about our generation of kids that are growing up? Is there something in the water thats making our females throw their life away as early as 12 years old? Where are the parents? In high school at least 5 females on every grade level will become impregnated before the year is over.Sad right? Look around you as you read this article. Look outside, look at the females in your school, at your job, and in your family. In the words of Nas,”Pregnant teens give birth to intelligent babies, they daddy’s faceless.”

Look, I’m not saying that teens should go and abort their babies or put them up for adoption. Giving birth is a great thing to experience in life as also the feeling of success. Yet, how can one legitimately learn to understand the importance of creating life if he or she hasn’t learned to embrace the importance of the life they already have. To dumb it down for those who still don’t get the gist of things here; if your going to create new life then do it for the right reasons. At least 7 out of 10 pregnant teens are African American or Hispanic and their baby father is a drug dealer or he’s incarcerated. This is not made up as some creative blog bullshit. I know these things because I speak to these females on a daily basis while I’m at work. I congratulate them and wish them the best even after they tell me a depressing story seemingly hopeless when the father is mentioned.

I love every female that has been blessed with life on this beautiful planet but, throwing away your purity because you don’t want the next girl to have your man just isn’t the way no matter how you sum it up. In White America we are viewed as good for nothing jail-bound Niggers, weather it gets brought to public or not. Acts like this will always take place because young adolescents aren’t being raised the way they should. Half of us talk about Bob Marley & weed in the same sentence like he revolutionized smoking for African Americans. However, we are the same blinded teens that don’t even know Mr.Marley died from trying to keep peace between two nations in Kingston. We are uneducated when it comes to world knowledge and our surroundings. Unable to multiply and divide properly; yet we know how to fight the bitch from up the block for talking shit, smoke sour & fuck bitches, or ride someones face as they are saying these days. For your sake, open your eyes young women and men. If you can’t read between the lines and understand the lyrics your favorite rappers come up with then what makes you think you can take control of your own life!? To my guys, it doesn’t matter what you payed for them Gucci shoes you just brought. What matters is how you get more years in jail for selling crack than you do for committing a damn murder.

Stop looking at the world ass backward, blinded by materialistic ways and bi curious trends. All your doing is inducing your demise by the time you turn 25. Hopefully my readers read this with a new outlook on life. Before you prepare yourself to love a child; love yourself first.


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