B.o.b The Adventures Of Bobby Ray : Album Review

Take you on a true musical journey…

To start off “Adventures off Bobby Ray” will be well-received by consumers that possess an open mind (or ear?) in the case of music, but those looking for pure hip hop will likely skip the B.o.B journey.

The album overall is a good album “Don’t let me fall” my favorite track on the album initiates B.o.B’s journey and is a testament of what the album itself will consist of: half crooning, half rhyming over beats not so hip hop-savvy.Bobby Ray is classified as a rapper, he is an artist first and foremost and his debut is concrete proof of his refusal to conform. Most will easily recognize his sincere (and instant classic) first single “Nothin’ On You” as he seeks to reassure the insecurity of the female gender with his trademark charm and wit while Bruno Mars belts out the popular hook in support.

The highly anticipated collaboration between Lupe Fiasco and Bobby Ray results in “Past My Shades”, a lukewarm score hindered by a repetitive hook and featuring only a braggadocio verse from each respective artist. I was hoping Lue give some “Laser” preview but still an descent track. “The Kids” is my second favorite track on the album showing the struggles for the younger generation on today. Already begun its ascension up the Billboard charts as another potential #1 hit “Airplanes pt 2” with Eminem provides an introspective tour de force on the sequel.

Overall the album is great with the missing smashes “Cloud 9” and “I’ll be in the sky” coulda been bouns tracks really hurt this from being a classic B.O.B record. The album still produces and give great diversity on hip hop and music in general. Bobby Ray delivers a fresh, unique offering in The Adventures Of Bobby Ray and proves that he can go against the grain of emo-rap that is slowly enveloping the music industry and still reside among shooting stars.

My Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 dope album

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