Music Spotlight: A Gangster and A Gentleman

Music may not mean shit to me these days, but once upon a time it did. I was young; 12 years old to be exact. However, my ears bled real rap. No, not none of that rap where you know someone in the hood thats committed the crimes talked about in the lyrics. I’m talking about real rap where the lyricist is telling you a story; a story about a time in his or her life. David Styles, rap known as “Styles P” was that guy for me in 2002. Born to a Jamaican father and a South African mother, David used rap as an escape route from deaths of close friends around him. What intrigued me so much about the Queens born Yonkers native was that most of his positive rap made sense and gave tribute to his brother who died in a car accident. So when “A Gangster and a Gentleman” was released I most definitely bootlegged it because I didn’t have the money to buy the official cd. 
I could remember countless days coming home after school and playing the cd in my stereo. My most favorite songs back then were “My Brother”(the song that gave tribute to his passed brother and also gave you a sense that everything didn’t have to be angry. There’s gonna be a day where we all meet with our fallen angels again in the after life.) and “Get Paid”(the ghetto musical). See, the thing that makes the rap game so great is that an album doesn’t have to go platinum to generate lots of talk and a admirable fan base. If the music is real and from the heart people will follow, but thats just me babbling on. Styles has recently dropped a mixtape with green lantern titled “The Green Ghost Project”. Still keeping it thorough with the hard punchlines and grimey wordplay. Then again, would he be Styles P if it wasn’t that way?

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