Multitasking in Beta Version of iPhone 4.0? Not ready just yet

Apple is already working hard to keep existing iPhone users speculating about the new iPhone and software for it. As reported by Engadget; there’s been an iPhone prototype discovered in the wild. Apple remotely disabled the phone before they could use it however. The software that is in its beta stages(4.0) is widely talked about for its so called multi-tasking features. The feature has been well overdue since HTC and Blackberry have been emulating these features years ago. Theres one problem’ even in the beta version of iPhone 4.0 the multi-tasking feature is not fully activated. The video review above which I provided describes how the right mechanics are there. However, when the feature is supposed to be active it doesn’t work. I demonstrated using iheartradio and bejewled 2. Please leave thoughts and comments. I will keep updating this blog with posts as new betas or features are discovered. Also remember that using a beta software does not void your warranty. The only way now to install the first beta 4.0 is to use a mac; or emulate mac software from your windows pc like I did(Google is your friend).


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