NBA Awards(Hip Hop Edition)

With the NBA season coming to an end lies the year annual awards with that said I thought it would be fun to use the NBA award for the hip hop industry and here is what I came up with and the awards goes too……..

09/10 Sportsmanship Award

Wale, aka Mr. never wear the same thing, Wale is how a rappers should present himself. Confident but still humble and is real, “Attention Deficit” is a real album from “mirrors” to “Shades” and even “90210” as catchy as that is, it’s a dark album enlightening how chicks destroy themselves to fit a image. This one rapper I think any parent wouldn’t mine letting their kids listen to and yet still get much respect with the rap community both underground and mainstream.

09/10 Coach (producer)of the Year Award

Timberland like Phil Jackson with hit nothing but success and that what he’s be doing recently as his hit “Say Something” chillin number 1 on the billboards as of now and doing work from Jay-Z to Miley Cyrus you can’t deny he’s doing his thing and doing it well. Shock Value II out and did some good numbers and his futuristic style on his beats can only wonder what next for this producer.

09/10 Executive of The Year

Mr. West’s G.O.O.D Music is what the title said with Common, Consequences and Kid Cudi success and a good future looking for Big Sean can’t deny Kanye West has good taste in music and has a great brand around his name and all I see is success for his team.

09/10 6th Man Of the Year

Who’s the person you call to feature on a track? I’m not of fan of Lil Wanye but numbers don’t lie and anywhere there is a hit the tatted up MC’s seems to appears on que he’s featured on ever artist records and if you want a hit this is who you call from Yo Gotti “men lie, women lie” and Drake’s “forever’ If you look at the charts he’s on thier 7 times in the top 20 gotta give respect due, he’s gotta be doing something right, right?

09/10 Most Improve Player

I know what you thinkin and yep that lil dude from Runs House. If you been living under a rock Diggy been buzzin on the net for a while with his mixtape “The First Flight” and his freestyle “Flow Stoopid” on nas “made you look” beat, which is arguably the best freestyle I heard in a while. Now signed to Atlantic records and second mixtape on the way, this dude the bow wow effect with rhymes of a young Run, He is the next big thing.

09/10 Rookie of the Year Award

Drake, no denying how he went from nothing to the biggest thing since the I phone came out. sold over 400,000 copies of a re-release of So Far Gone which was a free mixatape, but ppl still went out to by the EP, two-grammy nomination with no official album out, written for A.Keys and work with Ye, Jay, Jeezy,Usher, Jamie Foxx, Weezy and of course Trey Songz. And has titled his album Thank Me Later, cocky much? You don’t gotta like him,becuase your favorite rapper does.

09/10 Most Valuable Player

Hova the hottest in the game with BP3 hitting number 1 last year and comes out swiggin with Death Of The Autotune but not only that he told you youngin he’s “off that” with Drake “On to the next one” with Swiss, he’s clearly in a lane of his own. One of my favorite lines from BP3:
“these n-gga’s is mad, oh they call me a Camel but I mastered the drought, what the fuck I’m an animal”
Jay-Z is the Mike Jordan of recording even retired and came out like Jordan. While he’s working on his next album, chilling with his wife Beyonce and touring, the hip hop legend proving age can’t stop good music and that he’s still on top and on a another level than these rookies.


2 thoughts on “NBA Awards(Hip Hop Edition)

  1. KD my man I’m proud of you. Not in a way as if I’m looking down on you but, you most definitely come up with some clever shit to blog about. I was on the train today thinking of blogging something like this; so I began writing it in on my iphone’s notepad. I didn’t have an NBA format to it though. Nonetheless, well written and straight to the point. You are truly the secret weapon to this blog.

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