Let the iPad madness begin!

As of 6am this morning, more than 100 people were in line at the Apple store on 59th street in New York awaiting to get their paws on the highly anticipated device from Apple. Me? I wasn’t part of that line sorry, my ass gotta work today. However, lets not stray away from the topic at hand; the rectangular iTouch is sure to break records in sales this weekend just because its a new toy from Apple. The new E-book integration is sure to make the iPad a must have for bookworms and critics around the world. Starting at $499, the iPad may seem a bit pricey just off wordplay. That is until you finally say to yourself “Oh yeah, this means i’ll be able to see more tweets in my twitter application.” Hopefully this year nobody gets killed over an Apple product like the Chinese guy who lost the Apple iPhone prototype and committed suicide. Expect Steve Jobs to be a happy man come Monday when he wakes up to see the Apple stock blown through the roof. Consequently, it seems that Apple is the modern version of Pokemon cards. People just have to have the new product even if it means going into your child’s college fund or being a month late in rent. Just make sure that when the landlord comes to hand you an eviction notice, you reply “Fuck you, I got an iPad!”

On that note, have a nice day everyone


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