Erykah Badu “Window Seat”: Art or Publicity Stunt?

The images in Erykah Badu’s latest video have offended some viewers and inspired others.According to NBC affiliate, Dallas KXAS, they are reporting that Dallas Police Department might file charges against Erykah Badu for indecent exposure, for her stripping bare in her new video, Window Seat. While police were not on the scene, if one witness comes forward to police, she can be charged. The video was shot March 17 in Dallas at Dealey Plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Bystanders including children are seen in the video as the singer strips completely naked before a gunshot sounds and she falls to the ground with the words “groupthink” pouring out of her head.

“I expected the gossip blog sites to spin it negatively . I expected people to ride with me. I’ve been punished AND rewarded enough times by love and life to dedicate the whole thing to EVOLVING . i am happy.” Erykah said.

Alot of people feel it’s a double standard as Badu attacked female singers a few years ago on being half naked in their videos to sell and to add Lady Gaga gets partially nude in her video they bash her but those same people are praising Badu for her video. The song “Window Seat” is a dope record but is the visual she picked for the video really necessary, you be the judge…..

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