Hip Hop Prospcets: Chrome Cats

I have been hearing lot of good music around the net, and it’s not getting as much love or recognition it deserves, so I decide each month to feature a fresh Musician of any type of genre as in a blog feature titled: Hip Hop Prospects and the first up to the table Chrome Cats.

KJ Sims was born in Vallejo, CA the young MC wanted to pursue hip hop at a very young age. He attended A dance studio in Vallejo, Ca called Dance unlimited for 2 years, and then decided to start making his own music. His right hand woman Jamila Sims also rep the Dance unlimited and performed at various dance events and won many trophies. In 2006 the Chrome Cats music group was formed. “We started music about 3 years ago as something to do over summer break. Eventually it grew into a passion.” KJ says.

I ask KJ about his take on hip hop he replied, “I think Hip Hop needs some more people that can rap about things or situations people can relate to.”
Dude seem to have a good head on his shoulders as well a good music I heard the “keep moving” record, which expresses his strive for success, the “feelin it freestyle” is also fire, has great wordplay. I see nothing but good things in these two future this is that G.O.O.D music and support these Hip hop prospects and keep hip hop alive. You can get their music on itunes the “Uplift” Ep featuring “Keep Moving” and “Kicks” and get more music at http://www.youtube.com/chromecats. I’m not done, I stay looking for fresh music, so stay tune for more of hip hop prospects in the near future….

If you want to be featured as hip hop prospect send you music to @KD_the_Dream on twitter.

4 thoughts on “Hip Hop Prospcets: Chrome Cats

  1. This is awesome! But the person that wrote it said Julia instead of Jamila and Uplifted instead of Uplift But I guess CC already saw it, anyways keep it up guys!

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