Quick and easy way to install 3rd party themes on windows 7

So, while I was playing around with the themes on my laptop I figured I’d spread the knowledge to my lovely readers who are afraid to post feedback on any other blog posting. Please pay close attention to the screenshot I have provided at the top; thats the current theme i’m going to stick with for the week. Its called X2 Windows 7 Alpha 1 by ~Cyntar7 on Devianart.com. To get started make sure you have all running applications closed. Anything that will sidetrack you isn’t your friend for the next 10 minutes.
First, you need to patch your windows system with the universal theme patcher. Heres the link for the theme patcher: Universal theme patcher. After you download click run and extract it to your desktop. Open the folder now and right click the file that matches your windows 7 version(X64 or X32/X86) click run as administrator and follow the basic steps to patch the three files that need to be patched. Once thats done, restart the laptop or desktop and proceed to the next step.
Next, you have two options. Type in “windows 7 themes” in google or go to this website -> http://windows7themes.net/. They provide an excellent source of third party themes for your now patched system. After you find a theme you like click download when the devianart theme page comes up on your screen. Open with winrar or whatever zip program you use and extract the theme to your downloads folder.
Almost done, Now alot of the readme files within the theme folders are gonna tell you to replace the explorer file with the one they have. However, you don’t have to. Doing this will only change the style of your taskbar and by doing this you’ll have to follow the same proceedure with every theme. If you insist on doing this then go to c:\windows and scroll all the way down until you come across this file
Your going to right click and go into properties. Change the permissions to admin full control then rename the extension to .old. This makes it easier for you to just go back to default after you remove the modified exe file when you feel need be. Anyways, now that you renamed the explorer to .old you can now move the modified version in that place.
Last step, Move the two highlighted theme files into your c:windows\resources\themes folder
Double  click the theme you just put there that ends in .theme
You’ll get a please wait air message while your screen goes through a transformation and TADA!! You have now installed third party themes on your windows 7 based laptop. Any questions or concerns please drop a comment below.

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