Ludacris Battle Of The Sexes:Album Review

This ain’t a fair fight……

Let me start off by stating Ludacris is in my top 10 Mc’s of today but this album doesn’t succeed in what the title promise a battle of the sexes. I was expecting Luda and some fellas verse Shawnna and etc. But no it’s not that kinda of CD,it’s more like a compilation album throw together in the last minute. For 1 Shawnna barley on the album, I know crazy right, only chick that highlighted the Album was Eve, she killed the “My Chick Bad Remix”, that’s actually my highlight of the album. I also dig “B.O.T.S radio” feat.I 20 and “Sex Room” Feat. Trey Songz of course a decent banger but the rest of the album is meh.

With a title like “Battle Of the Sexes” the male prospective is all I get on the album beside the “My Chick Bad Remix” and degrading women at that. I Know, I know, no one want to hear all this I am women shit but to make a album seem like you highlighting women, but when you really highlighting just the hoe’s, I’m just being honest, “How Low” strip club anthem, “Hey Ho” and “Party Mo Ho,” need I say more? ladies are hardly even given a chance, the crazy thing is I hear women like the album more than guys, irony.

My Overall rating: 1.5 out of 5- a download illegally

Hey I don’t condone downloading illegal music but hey if it’s not worth your hard working money settle for the next best thing. It’s not the worst but doesn’t live to what it says it would deliver a battle. That’s like Popeye’s running outta chicken. The commercial audience will like it and underground fans will hate it. C’mon Luda gotta come harder than this man smh

Recommended tracks:My Chick Bad Remix, How Low, Sex Room, My Chick Bad


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