Illuminati In Hip Hop= Some Ole BullSh*T

C’mon Son! get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! I’m not trying be a angry blogger but damn, ya’ll pushing it, it’s some crazy and dumb people in the world today and some of theses Negros must be stop. People been saying Jay Z is a mason, devil worshiper and apart of the Illuminati and shit but here is the trip about the people who believe in it. They can’t answer 1 simple question, Wheres your proof and you know what they say, YOUTUBE! C’mon son! Youtube, thats like me bashing Obama and saying my source Fox News.

Youtube is 1 the racist place on the web, go put in any search and read a comment bet it have at least 4 racist remarks. People go on youtube to hate, see where I’m going with this. Example: I saw this vid on youtube showing me how Rhianna “possessed,”man it’s some ole bull shit, he(narrator) keep saying did you see it? Hell naw, crazy ass. He feeding his views on the video to to make it seem conspiracy and making shit deeper than it really is, it’s not that damn deep.

Then, they say Hip Hop music is brainwashing, it is kinda, but not to worship no damn devil, I been listening to hip hop since I was 12 and never meet a devil worshiper in my life at least not know it or been brainwashed, the real brainwashers is them, these low budget Youtube conspiracy theorist that’s using it for some views and publicity , they fucking up ya’ll head, if some of ya’ll had a role model you’d know better. All they is is talk, no TMZ videos, pics or nothing, let me school you,

The Illuminati have been around since its inception and I’m pretty sure its founders didn’t take too kindly to Niggas and even though we’ve progressed in society a, I’m pretty sure something as large, as powerful, as secret and as elite as the Illuminati still isn’t allowing Jay-Z  of all people and not Barack Obama hell, Gary Coleman ain’t doing shit.

Now back to Jay, first off, I thinks it’s highly disrespectful to slander someone with no truth what so ever, and it’s so far fetch, picture I say your an Alien, are you really going address that, no because of how fucking stupid it sounds, Which is why Jay wasn’t tripping on the haters, he still selling. People who use D’evils and Lucifer to plead their case , pleases, please read the lyrics, the murder Jesus shit is a fake, so ya’ll got nothing, NOTHING!

Now peep this what if he comes out and say he is apart of the Illuminati then what? We let R. Kelly (allegedly) pee on little girls, Chris Brown choke a bitch, and Tiger Woods fucking everything in sight, if Jay-Z is caught with traces of the blood offering on his hands? If Jay came out with an album next year titled Illuminati Shit y’all would still buy it and some of ya’ll will claim ya’ll apart of the Illuminati.

To my next question, why the fuck are ya’ll researching this shit? Y’all some weird fucks out there to study this shit and then think “hmmm, Jay-Z could be Illuminati, I should make a video,” how does outta all people that name pops up, think people! everyone has a motive, get the fuck outta here with this shit! What Jay-Z say at the AMA’s “Men Lie, Women Lie, but Numbers Don’t” and numbers equal Facts when theory equals…………..yeah, right.

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