Michael Vick rumored to be posing for playgirl mag

Now if the title doesn’t make you say “what the fuck” like I did, then the rest of this story sure will. PETA is at it again with their sneaky antics to benefit anyway they possibly can. Somehow, PETA is involved with getting Playgirl magazine to offer Vick 1mil to pose naked for a magazine that proves he’d rather be naked than wear dog fur. Straight bullshit if you ask me. What a lot of people don’t know is that the 1mil being offered to Vick will have to go to PETA. For all that you might as well just ask him to donate 1mil without all the stress. The preposterous things PETA will do to get money and prove a point has really began to get annoying to most people. For those who are unaware of PETA; PETA is the organization of people who send all the celebrity hate and death threat emails whenever they are spotted wearing animal fur. This situation is utterly backwards; its not like the celebrities are catching these animals and skinning them on their lonesome. From what I understand  the skinning takes place on a plantation and these furs are worth anywhere from $800 and up. That’s a pretty good profit if you have a big farm or something with a variety of animals. PETA makes it seem like animals are killed after or before they are skinned which is entirely false. The animals are sent back with their herd, so the death threats are rambunctious. Michael Vick is pretty much assed out if all of this is true; PETA and all the speculators have him by the balls since he’s been released from prison. There’s no way he can say no in my opinion and get away with it without some type of negative backlash. Hypothetically speaking, what if he does pose for the mag and some months later his mother or wife is spotted wearing a chinchilla fur? These are things that the paparazzi will be immediately looking for after the magazine hits the shelves. If indeed this is true and not a rumor it’s certainly lose-lose for Mr. Vick. You can apologize with community service, magazines, and public service announcements; however that doesn’t mean the people will forgive you.

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