When will OS 5 for blackberry bold actually be released?

Yes, I know in the screenshot of my BB 9000 I have the os 5. However, Blackberry frequently continues to not give an answer as to when the new operating system for the 9000 models and down be released. I have used the os on my 9700 that I had about a couple weeks ago. Its great in so many ways. The features that stand out to me are; The better visualization of the contact, bbm has been redesigned from scratch and is pretty much a professional version of aim, and for the 9000 its the video light feature thats been added when video recording. That feature comes preloaded on the 9700, 8900, and 83XX. Significantly, this feature was not included in the Bold 9000 when I purchased it; and I have two. Since im back to using my 3gs coming from the nexus one I really dont have time to be switching sim cards at will. I have to pick a day next week and find one of them unlimited data forever sim cards. However, im itching to change my plan to the Blackberry plan but, then i’d lose my visual voicemail when I switch my sim card back into my iphone. Its a toss up.
I was told by an AT&T associate that by the end of March the new OS will be released for the BB Bold 9000. Though, you can’t trust every associate who goes by speculation themselves. So for now we wait. If anyone had a 9000 and needs the os just give your thoughts and opinions and leave an email at the end.

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