Does Music Influence You? Part 1

I had to do this research paper for my psych class and I just thought it was remarkable how much music influence music has years, studies have claimed to show the negative music effects of young people listening to songs with violent or misogynistic themes. I did a study here on Campus(Missouri Southern State University) that music containing a positive message has a beneficial impact on listeners.

I took a friend and randomly made them listen some songs . My friend Marko, I made him listen to Birdman “always strapped” and he was throwing up gang signs and doing the trigger symbol with his finger. His whole swagger turn into Lil Wayne and I had my buddy who help me with the project I made him bump into him accidentally and Marko went off and said “watch were the fuck you going,” and kept throwing up gang signs and continued on dancing. The next day I made him listen to Michael Jackson “Man In The Mirror” same scenario my buddy bummed into him but this time he actually said “My bad,” and help him pick up his book, It was crazy and shocking, like looking at someone with two personalities he was still dancing just more calmer and respectful in his domineer.

I did a survey in with 20 people were most Gucci Man, Lil Wayne and Lil Boosie fans admit to drugs use, into trends and reppin’ a gang, while most Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rihanna fans are into Fashion and being different and Michael Jackson fans took the longest to take their survey and all have a the highest GPA of all the survey takers and each one of them use the other sections in the survey, coincident?

Just think about it Dreads, skinny jeans and kids saying no homo came from what…………Hip Hop! How many dreads heads you seen before Lil Wayne dreads hit the market, I bet you every dread head person you know like Lil Wayne don’t believe me? Ask someone with dreads do they like Wayne, skinny jeans would not have been expectable without the jerking movement, don’t believe me, I bet everyone one who were skinny jeans can “jerk” or they just going with what’s “hot” nowadays. I know, I’m stereotyping but, there is a truth to every stereotype and nothing I said is false or yet to be proven wrong.

While many arguments have been made that these lyrics have no effect on listeners, the studies done have been conclusive; Music does influence you, you’re favorite artist says what’s hot you tend to listen Jay-Z says all he’s wearing is black how many people you know now wearing black, exactly. Lately rap has come under much criticism from every known activist on the planet. However, rap is not the only genre of music that has come under criticism. Many records that have explicit lyrics are not all suitable for the entertain mainly the younger generation because they want the swagger and lifestyle of what they see from their favorite artist. 2 be continued……….


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