Kobe Bryant dunks himself deeper in the Hall of Fame

Last night on the dawn of February; a different kind of Valentine’s day love was in the air as Kobe dunked his way past Jerry West on the Laker all time scoring list. With having scored 25, 208 pts during his 13th year in the NBA that could only mean two things; this guy shoots too fucking much or for the past couple of years his teammates hesitated to take their game to the next level. Even though I grew up in the 1996 and up era; I still believe that he is no Magic Johnson or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

Sure he is Hall of Fame bound soon as the day he decides to hang it up, Kobe indeed still has(from my opinion) a great amount of spark left in his tank for maybe a good 4 or 5 years. I definitely don’t believe that a milestone like this was an excuse to lose to the Grizzlies. Teammate Pau Gasol apparently feels the same way when after the game he provided a semi controversial statement when he told reporters  “Great, now we can focus on winning games again” after being asked his opinions on Kobe’s accomplishment. Sounds like a rumble behind the scenes in LA if you ask me. However, as a fan I do agree with everything the center from Spain said to reporters.

The bright side of this is that Mr. Bryant has in fact made a change not only as a player; but as a man when it comes to his lifestyle after being sent to trial accused of raping a woman in a Denver hotel room. I’m not trying to shed any light on the past but, this is one star that could have totally diminished in the wind if he didn’t have self determination to get past this unfortunate situation. Wrong place, wrong decisions, wrong time might I add. I may be only 18; however I believe that if you’re married yet feel as if you have to cheat then maybe yo ass shouldn’t be married in the first place. 

(Moving along)

The Lakers have managed to stay on the steady road this year when it comes to their record. Though, preposterous losses by maybe one of two possessions this season has some critics in doubt when it comes to a strong championship run come June. Hopefully, they can get it together and bring another championship to fans like me in Harlem lol.

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