Modern day drug dealers; Dumb Or Stupid?

Sure we know that in any event, drug trafficking is very much prohibited in the U.S. We also know that there’s no such thing as a drug dealer that has never been caught. Over the years we see the same process repeat itself maybe hundreds if not thousands of times. There’s always the story of the guy you knew or that was well known in an area that just happened to sell drugs; get caught and comeback just to start from square one. We live in a universal world. When we move a step ahead in technology somehow we begin to develop better cars(note- it shouldn’t have taken this long for hybrid cars to be produced).

My question is why aren’t these drug dealers getting smarter in their habits. Instead of going to jail or prison with a risk of your house or stash house being raided; why aren’t these criminals investing in stocks? I know there’s some that just read that sentence and agreed as well as those who disagreed. However, it makes perfect sense. You go to jail and come home to nothing as opposed to taking the smart route and coming home to a well increasing stock for the past year you served behind bars. Please correct me if I’m wrong because I’d hate to blog up incorrect info; to my knowledge I don’t think the government can put a hold on the money you made off a stock….WELL THEN AGAIN IT IS THE GOVERNMENT. Its just unusual. We live in America people! If we can allow foreigners to come in and get better jobs than our own people then drug dealers would be making the best decisions of their lives by investing in a stock. Think about it; why not take that couple grand your making a week from the street and investing in an apple share? Now see this is where the 50/50 rule plays effect.

I’d like to thank those that actually paid attention to this blog post because there is an answer to this whole non occurring epidemic. The problem is that nine times out of ten the average INTELLIGENT drug dealer has a rap sheet down to the ground so he wouldn’t be able to come home to that stock money after a year hiatus. The only way a well know drug dealer would see stock money after a year bid is if he snitched and let’s be realistic here; if you have to snitch on others to guarantee your freedom then it’s pretty obvious a new hobby is seriously needed. Open your eyes my fellow readers and Americans. In every ghetto in New York city there isn’t one corner store owned by an actual African American or Caucasian. Instead we let Arabs, and all these other cultures come to our community and benefit for maybe the next 50 years.  This goes out to all races because in New York there are Whites, Hispanics, and blacks that sell drugs. Not everyone rises to the top with a clean slate so before you take the dumb drug dealer that lives for the moment route. Try thinking long term and see if you can make something out of nothing.


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