Cupid my ass

Yeah, I said it “Cupid my ass”. As we near this thing blinded couples call Valentine’s day it seems to me as if more couples are doomed by the minute. Now the image on the left of this text may seem harsh. However, if it didn’t then I wouldn’t be building up to make such a great point. Females are precious when they aren’t forced by us males to act like a bitch. No, I don’t mean the type of bitch that would fuck you then go to your best friend’s house next door to fuck him and manage to sneak out the building before you look through the peep hole to see who’s in the hallway. I mean the type of bitches that we bring out by doing stupid shit; the bitch that will make your life a living hell. Though, that’s not the case in this situation. I view social networking sites like MySpace and Twitter on a daily basis just to see endless amounts of females complaining about NIGGAS. I capitalized the word for a certain reason also; in this situation the word nigga isn’t classified by race or color. It’s classified by actions. See, a nigga would to things like

1. Go on a double date with you just to holla at your friend in twitter in a DM later.

2. Decide that he wants to see you after you send him a freak related text.

3. Have all of his friends over to mute all the TVs and tell them to be quiet so he can put you on speakerphone when you call.

4. Steal your weed.

5. Slip a lime in your liquor flavored kool-aid (Hope y’all Spanish dudes aint think y’all was gettin off easy. I remember that shit smh)

6. Fuck his girl in the dark just so he can try to sneak his dick in her ass just to see her jump across the room to get away lol.

Now all the guys that read this blog post might read these examples and think its bullshit till they read number 6 and laugh their asses of like I did while I type this because I remember doing this on numerous occasions…..but that’s not the point here! Its 2010, the year of random earthquakes, economic instability, Mcdoubles 2 for $3 at McDonalds, and Gays. Yep, gays. I don’t mean to sound vulgar but, I don’t condone of homosexuality since its in the good book with instant first class tickets to hell. However, that is not stopping our females(especially our older teenagers) who switch to clit from the stick. Now normally a nigga like me would just blame gay sexuality in females on them Nicki Minaj Lyrics and keep my ass moving. Not this time. Once I think outside the box I’d like to believe it goes a little deeper than that. See, it is our fault as guys that females lack that self esteem anymore to where they can put trust in us. We are the ones that degrade them in every way possible. Notice how if a guy is in the street with a hoe and she says something slick he won’t even cause a scene to make her look bad…..CAUSE SHES A HOE! Then notice how when a guy is in the street with his girl who’s been faithful to him from the jump there’s not a thing in this world that can stop him from cursing her out and treating her as if she was a hoe. The thing that keeps me confused about this is that you got the two types of gays. You got the Nicki Minaj wanna be gays that claim they aren’t gay but, they’ll let another female eat them out; then theres the 100% gays that go for the dikes. Then the dikes treat them worse than the niggas do. Now correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t want to sound biased but, why go for a female that dresses like a guy and acts like a guy instead if….an actual guy? I’ve had this one friend since freshman year of high school that realized that she couldn’t deal with guys so she’s been with dikes. To make a long story short she’s on her third girl and still gets shitted on as if she was with a nigga if not worse. So this is why I could give a fuck about Valentine’s Day. In this generation males are actually starting to shape up slowly believe it or not. Though, I hope our females in this society realize that our lives are more than some rap lyrics or authenticated males. Be single, enjoy the single life, go out with your friends, and learn to respect yourself before anything else. Stop seeking out them rapper type males with all the tattoos and bad boy attitudes because that’s what’s gettin y’all asses into all this depression now. With all that being said; all my guys better think twice if they still thinking this cupid shit is gone be lovely for 2010. We too old for all this fairytale shit; so treat your girl right…..before another girl do lmao.


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